June 2018 Newsletter
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President’s Message Past President's Note TAGITM Leadership
Marketing Committee Update Data Dive Update Communications Committee Update
Organization in the Spotlight - City of Grand Prairie

President’s Message – Sid Hudson
Welcome to another great year to be part of TAGITM! I hope everyone enjoyed the 40th conference with record attendance and a beautiful venue to spend the week. I have so many great friends both in the government and the vendor community. It’s hard to find time to talk to everyone, but I cherish the conversations that I did have.

TAGITM is a growing organization and this is no accident due to the leadership before me. My goal is to maintain momentum as we have fantastic goals to achieve in the coming years. We have our Strategic Planning session coming up in early June where the Board will review the goals we have set in previous years and set goals further into the future.

I want to take a minute to thank CMP for all their hard work as well in preparing and executing our conference this year. We had some changes that I’m sure you noticed. We hired an external A/V vendor and the presentations and audio were simply amazing this year.

As I have always had an open door policy at my office, I want to extend that same offer to this organization while I’m President. If you have any ideas or suggestions on how we can continue to grow and improve please let me know via email info@tagitm.org. I’m honored to have this opportunity to serve the TAGITM organization again this year and am looking forward to the 41st conference already!!

Now down to business, I would like to take this opportunity announce the Executive Committee and the Conference Chairs for this year so work can begin for the 41st annual conference. YES!! If you were not aware, it takes an entire year to prepare for the conference that you just attended.

Executive Committee
President Sid Hudson City of McKinney
Vice President Scott Joyce City of Euless
Past President Mike Sturm City of San Marcos
Secretary / Treasurer William Pham The Woodlands Township
TML Affiliate Representative Beth Ann Unger City of Frisco

Executive Committee
Education Erin Provazek City of College Station
Communication Tony Gonzalez City of Forney
Industry Advisory Committee Kevin Cameron City of Allen
Membership Tim Nolan Collin County
Conference Travis Cochrane City of New Braunfels
Marketing Jason Power Town of Westlake
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Past President's Note

It was a great pleasure and honor to serve as your 2017-2018 TAGITM President. When Gus Roman asked if I would serve as Secretary/Treasurer, I did not realize I would have the honor to be President for our 40th anniversary. Wow, what an experience! I deeply appreciate Gus for asking.

First of all, I want to say thank you to the members of TAGITM for electing me, to each person who volunteered their time to serve on a committee, to serve as committee chairs, and those on the executive board. A special thank you to the CMP team for everything they do behind the scenes to make our association a success. Without the help and dedication from each and every one, the past year would not have been the resounding success it was. This success was apparent at our conference this year with over 500 attendees. It was the largest conference to date!

TAGITM is growing and there are outside influences that are expecting more from us. It will take everyone to assistance in taking TAGITM to the next level. I feel we continued that journey and strengthened that foundation for future boards.

Thank you for your support,

Mike Sturm
TAGITM Past-President
TAGITM Leadership
As we close our 40th annual TAGITM conference and get prepared for a new year in TAGITM and are considering where to place our energies; think about the journey you have taken to get to this point in your careers. TAGITM is a professional association that provides us, government technology managers, a forum for networking, career and professional advice and improvement, but most importantly, mentorships, friendships and allies. That is the largest value add of this professional organization.

Many of us have attained the highest levels in our careers and are looking at ways to give back. Some are new and are looking to learn more in order to reach goals that will help them attain more in their careers. Some are in the middle, not sure which way they should turn or which way they should go in their careers, or perhaps maybe just at a comfortable spot. We all have ways we can help TAGITM.

TAGITM is self-governed and its success is tied directly to its leadership. Leadership comes directly from our membership. The leadership is not only the board, but each one of the membership that commits some of their precious time to committee work, to chair or vice-chair a committee or even host a conference session or regional membership group.

TAGITM needs new people to continue to help the organization grow and flourish and as you heard at conference, we have big goals that we want to achieve. All the committees are important and each has a focused role that is critical to the health of the organization. Please contact Sid Hudson, TAGITM President, and let him know that you want to help steer TAGITM’s success by giving back, getting involved to learn more or just to shake your status quo.

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Marketing Committee Update
The main focus of the marketing committee this past year has been to work on ways to promote the 40th anniversary of TAGITM, our fall and spring events, and the education conference last month. We partnered with a marketing firm to help with these efforts and ended up with the “40 years ago…" marketing campaign that included regular social media posts, email updates, and fun print materials and posters. Now that we are past the conference, the marketing committee will be looking at ways to continue our momentum promoting TAGITM and the various events lined up in the coming year.

Please contact me at jpower@westlake-tx.org if you are interested in being a part of our marketing team.

Jason Power
TAGITM Marketing Committee Chair
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DATA Dive Update

If you were in attendance at the Annual Business Meeting, you remember quite a bit of conversation around the GMIS Data Dive. We have provided all the feedback from the membership to GMIS, and they are in process of making changes to respond to our requests. More information will be coming out shortly, but in the interim, we are giving the GMIS Data Dive at least another year.

The intent of the Data Dive if to help each other by providing budgetary, financial, staffing and system information data points to each other, on demand. You can make comparisons to Texas agencies. You can make comparisons to agencies across the nation. You can make comparisons to agencies similar in size. There are a ton of data points, but they don’t do us any good without a good number of participating agencies. As you all may remember, I mentioned I had not put my data in because I find GMIS a little difficult to use for both entry and retrieval of information. However, I have come around on the first part of that conclusion. The entry is not that hard. It doesn’t take much time at all, especially in future years. The retrieval difficulties I have had is more a reflection of not using it enough and not making myself familiar enough. The data CAN be retrieved and used for good comparisons/justifications to City Management/Council.

Once the new Data Dive format is released, we really want to encourage everyone to enter their current year data and help us make a more informed decision at next year’s conference.

Tony Gonzalez (Gonzo)
TAGITM Communications Committee Chair

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Communications Committee Update
Hey all! I am new to this Communications Committee thing, so bear with me. Most of my communication is trying to make fun of Bernie, but they tell me I can’t do that here. Seriously? I thought TAGITM was a fun group! I will try, I promise. We will commit to doing our best to keep you informed over the next year about what is going on with TAGITM, including Regional Events and the Annual Conference. We hope to find ways to help communication on the ListServ(s) be more useful. As a reminder, during the last year we did create a second ListServ for Directors/CIO’s only, for topics that are really directed those members with that title. This has impacted the activity on the overall ListServ. We hope that is helpful, but I also have a fear the overall ListServ is getting used as much as it should. Please continue to encourage your associate members to utilize the ListServ for technical questions, organization questions, general IT discussions, etc. I have always found the ListServ very helpful. I hope it continues to be a vital part of TAGITM.

If you have any suggestions for ways to improve our communications to you or amongst members, I am always willing to listen. Please email me at tgonzalez@cityofforney.org.

Tony Gonzalez (Gonzo)
TAGITM Communications Committee Chair
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Organization in the SpotLight – City of Grand Prairie
Organization Name: (Include general location and population)
The City of Grand Prairie’s Information Technology Department : Population=190,682

Number of IT Workers in the Organization:

Significant Technology Achievements:
Technologic design and implementation of the Epic Water Park

Plans for Future Technology Initiatives:
Our plans for the IT Department are to realign and expand beyond the typical perception of “service help desk”. Through innovative technology advancements and collaborations, we will create value for the City of Grand Prairie and become a vital partner for our fellow departments. Not only will the IT Department be the computer fixers and phones person for the City, it will also be the advisors and consultants, guiding the technological growth.

Most Challenging Project:
Lawson Infor 10 Upgrade was a project that took a significant amount of time and effort to execute. It required communication and collaboration between various other departments. Through hard work and preparation, the project was completed on time.

Most Rewarding Project:
P25 Radio system site repairs and new radio tower implementation was a project that had a complete improvement. Initially, there were not any policies to govern radio site maintenance, and because of this the original tower was deteriorating. The IT Department not only performed immediate maintenance at the radio sites, we also replaced one of the radio towers. This critical situation drove the prompt development of the IT Policies and Procedures Manual, which detailed the method and frequency of radio site maintenance.

What is Most Valuable About Being a TAGITM Member:
The most valuable feature of being a part of TAGITM is the interpersonal connection. It provides the opportunity to share knowledge, insight, standards and ideas with likeminded people in the IT industry. With members originating from different cities and counties across Texas, TAGITM creates a diverse community that would not exist any other way


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