February 2018 Newsletter
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President’s Message Follow TAGITM on Social Media GMIS DATA Dive – Sid Hudson, TAGITM Vice President
40th Anniversary Annual Conference – Travis Cochrane, Conference Committee Chair New Director Listserv
President’s Message – MIKE STURM
If you like making new friends, seeing old friends, talking tech and making memories, time is getting near to celebrate 40 years of TAGITM in San Antonio on April 24 - 27, 2018. As President, I am very proud of the accomplishments of the Board, CMP and all the members that serve on committees in preparation for our annual conference. Everyone has done a fabulous job making the 40th annual educational conference a memorable event. There are four things I want you to do. One, if your agency is not a member of TAGITM, please register your agency. Becoming a member provides additional benefits and a reduced registration rate into the conference. Second, once registration opens, sign yourself up, your technical and security people as well as your second in command. Well heck, you might as well bring your entire staff to attend the greatest technology conference in the great state of Texas. Third, register for a hotel room a La Cantera Hotel and Resort. And the fourth, have fun at the conference!

The conference is loaded with three keynote speakers, not three but FOUR educational tracks, preconference session and a mock cybersecurity exercise on Friday morning sponsored by Department of Homeland Security. This year the Education Committee added a fourth track to focus on what’s hot in the tech industry, “HOT TOPIC”. This year it will be focused on SECURITY. The Education Committee had many great submissions to choose from and put together an outstanding educational line-up across the four tracks for people to learn from. Thanks to everyone that submitted topics. I cannot wait to hear your talk!

If that does not get you excited, let me add some more exciting events the conference committee has been working on. I know how many of you enjoy getting a shirt. Well this year you will get a shirt and a memorable 40th anniversary welcome gift. Sorry, I am not going to spill the beans on the gift. Register and come to the conference to get your welcome gift! Also, back by popular demand, ‘Howl at the Moon’ at Floore Country Store for our Thursday evening entertainment.

As they say in Texas, put on your ‘Flip Flops and Come on Down!’ Okay, maybe not flip-flops, but still make your way to San Antonio for a great 40th TAGITM educational training.
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GMIS DATA Dive – Sid Hudson, TAGITM Vice President
Agency participation in the GMIS Data Dive is a little on the decline this year, yet this tool is very strong at helping us get answers to question that City Management is regularly asking us. As of Feb. 3rd 2018 there are 13 agencies that have entered data into the Data Dive. If you enter 70% or more of your data into the library they the whole library is opened up to you for research for those more and more difficult questions coming at you about what other agencies are doing and handling technology in their Cities. We hope you are finding value in the Data Dive. I know personally I have used it to help me gain insight to other agencies of similar size.
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40th Anniversary Annual Conference – Travis Cochrane, Conference Committee Chair
This year we celebrate our 40th year in serving as technology leaders across Texas local government agencies. We have come a long way from our ‘data processor’ days supporting reel to reel main frame systems. We now have the opportunity to impact every aspect of how our organizations interact and support our citizens.

This year’s conference theme, 40 Years of TAGITM: From Bytes to Beyond, not only celebrates our history as an organization and profession, but also recognizes the limitless technology future ahead of us. I’m excited to be back in San Antonio at La Cantera Resort, the location of our 30th Anniversary celebration, and my first experience connecting with like-minded professionals. I have many fond memories from my first ever conference and I hope we create the same experience for you this year that you can look back on in 10 years and smile, the way I do.

The conference committee has been hard at work putting together some new ways to be involved in the conference, bringing back some favorite activities and even hiding a few Easter eggs throughout pertaining to our 40th annual education conference. Be on the lookout for more information as we get closer to conference. I look forward to seeing you there!
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New Director ListServ
You asked for it and we delivered! The TAGITM Board is proud to announce the CIO/Director Level Listserv. The listserv that you’ve come to love and depend on is great for day-to-day challenges - but there are times when you need a CIO’s response, guidance or observation. This new listserv is for CIOs and Directors only. When you need a quick solution or want to post a comment for the entire membership then continue to use the current TAGITM listserv. However, when you need strategic advice from other CIOs, then the CIO/Directors listserv is for you.

The TAGITM board has put a committee together to review each participant to ensure they are at the C-Level. Apply to join the CIO/Director’s listserv below.

“As a Director or CIO, have you ever wished you could send a message to the listserv, without members of your team also receiving the message? The TAGTIM Board identified this need and will be adding a new listserv exclusively for Directors, CIOs or the identified top IT position in your organization." – Mike Sturm
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