TAGITM ListServ Information
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TAGITM offers two listservs for our agency members: the general TAGITM listserv and a CIO/Director listserv. All current TAGITM agency members can join the general listserv, but members must be approved to join the Director listserv. Only 1st or 2nd level Executive Management team members may join the Director listserv at the CIOs request, and an organizational chart is required for approval.

Apply for one or both of the TAGITM Listservs below, and check out our FAQ to learn more about posting and listserv guidelines.

Members may post to the general listserv by sending an email to TAGITM@LISTSERV.TAGITM.ORG. Members may post to the Director listserv by sending an email to DIRECTORS@LISTSERV.TAGITM.ORG. When a member is replying to a post the same email address is used.

TAGITM ListServ Archive

The responses to the ListServ are sent by responding to the ListServ email. You can view an archive of the ListServ by following these steps:

  1. Visit http://listserv.tagitm.org/.
  2. Click Log In at the top right corner.
  3. If this is your first time accessing the archive, you'll want to select "get a new LISTSERV password". Use the email associated with your listserv access.
  4. If you have accessed the archive before, simply log in with your email and password. 
  5. On the right rail, under "Access Unlisted Lists," search "TAGITM."
  6. Happy Reading!