TAGITM Excellence Awards

Each year TAGITM conducts an awards luncheon during the annual education conference to recognize excellence in outstanding innovation and application of leading edge technologies. Candidates for the TAGITM Excellence Awards are nominated by TAGITM members. Up to three winners are chosen by a committee of their peers who judge nominated projects based on their impact on improving internal operations, providing exceptional customer service or enhancing communications. To be considered the project must be fully implemented and deliver the services described.

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Rising Star Award
The Rising Star Award recognizes TAGITM members that demonstrate potential for stepping into leadership positions within the organization and the Government Information Technology arena. Nominees are evaluated in the following areas:
  • Leadership Skills and Behavior
  • Innovative and Effective Technology
  • Organizational Strategy Alignment
  • Managing Change
  • Nomination Directives
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TAGITM Member Emeritus

TAGITM bylaws provide for Emeritus Membership for those individuals, typically retired Government Information Technology Leaders, who have demonstrated distinguished service to TAGITM. Nominations for Emeritus Members will be reviewed by the Awards Committee and submitted to the TAGITM Executive Board for approval. Nominations for Emeritus Membership may be submitted from any voting member in good standing. The criteria for Emeritus Membership is “demonstrated exemplary service to TAGITM."

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Rick Moore Award
The TAGITM Board established the Rick Moore Award in honor of long time TAGITM member Rick Moore, who passed away in 2013. Any TAGITM member may nominate a member meeting the criteria for the Award. Criteria for award of the Rick Moore Award is:
  • Demonstrated commitment to advancing the goals and vision of TAGITM
  • Dedication to the organization and Government IT
  • Minimum of 5 years in service to TAGITM (Executive Board and/or Committee Chair)
  • Membership in TAGITM for at least 10 years
  • Demonstrated ability to mentor others in service to the organization

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