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Serving as the premier organization for government technology professionals in Texas.


To support and promote government technology professionals by fostering strategic partnerships and providing education, collaboration and leadership opportunities


The Texas Association of Governmental Information Technology Managers (TAGITM) began in 1978 as The Texas Association of Governmental Data Processing Managers (TAGDPM). It is a not-for-profit organization that provides information systems professionals a forum for generating ideas, sharing problems, and developing solutions. Its purpose is to enable the cities, counties, school districts and appraisal districts within Texas to realize the full potential of automation benefits.

Other state-wide organizations resembling TAGITM are the Texas Association of County Officials (TACO), the Municipal League of Cities and the Texas Association of Appraisal Districts (TAAD). However, TAGITM is unique, because it embraces all facets of local government and their information systems concerns.

As we celebrate over three decades of existence, our members have built individual support networks to help evaluate their hardware and software choices. The rapidly changing technology environment requires constant vigilance from information systems professionals to insure cost effective computer planning and purchase. Consequently, someone undoubtedly is doing, or has already done, whatever you envision. The opportunity to draw on this wealth of experience is invaluable when developing long and short term automation strategies for your organization.

To be more contemporary, the membership voted at the year 2000 annual business meeting, to change the name of the organization to the Texas Association of Governmental Information Technology Managers (TAGITM).