2018 Solution Showcase
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Wednesday - April 25, 2018 ~ 12:30 pm - 1:15 pm

Real World IT Problems and How to Solve Them

Sponsored by: CDW-G

Location: San Gabriel Room

Deanne Baker - Engagement Manager, CDWG
Kathryn Averyheart - Solution Architect, Analytics, CDWG


State and Local Governments are facing more business challenges than ever before. Shrinking budgets, demand for centralized IT resources, the constant threat of fraud and data are putting a strain on already overtaxed staff. But with a marketplace flooded with look-a-like solutions and buzz words, how do you prioritize needs and identify the best solution? If you’ve heard phrases like Digital Transformation, Smart City, Big Data, ITIL/ITSM and feel like they’re the latest in a series of technologies that promise and don’t deliver, think again. These solutions can work for you.

CDWG’s Consultative Advisory Services (CAS) and Analytics Practice work hand in hand with your team to identify and prioritize problems. We identify and create manageable solutions for today’s overwhelming technology and business problems.

Join Dee Baker and Kathryn Averyheart for a discussion about how CDWG joins consulting services with analytics to align business and technology, helping organizations transform their environments from reactive to proactive.

Evolving Your Infrastructure with Next-Gen Cloud Technology

Sponsored by: Nutanix

Locaton: San Miguel Room

Devin Thomas - Systems Engineer, Nutanix


Cloud has completely reset IT expectations with its pay-as-you-go consumption model, enablement of rapid time-to-market, and one-click convenience and speed. As IT teams grapple with managing multiple clouds—public, private, distributed, and edge—they also struggle with management silos, and unpredictable economics.

Join IT peers and discover how to unify your clouds, combining the agility, speed of the public cloud with the security and control of the private cloud. With hyperconverged infrastructure at the core, native virtualization, one-click operations, and application automation capabilities, the Enterprise Cloud provides a single point of control to manage IT infrastructure and applications at any scale.

Delivering New Visibility and Analytics for IT in Local Government

Sponsored by: Splunk

Locatoin: San Augustine Room

Bobby Suber - Splunk Solution Engineer, SLED


Whether Splunk is new to you, or you are already leveraging, this session will help you understand how to use Splunk software to turn your silos of data into insights that are actionable. Various Cities and Counties across Texas are leveraging Splunk for reasons such as Application Monitoring, Security, CJIS Compliance, and centralized log management to name a few. In this session, we’ll dive right into a Splunk environment and show you how to use the simple Splunk search interface to quickly find the needle-in-the-haystack or multiple needles in multiple haystacks. We’ll also demonstrate how you can use Splunk to connect the dots across heterogeneous systems in your environment for cross-tier, cross-silo visibility.

Thuirsday - April 26, 2018 ~ 11:00 am - 11:45 am

IT’s Role in Digital Transformation Across the Enterprise

Sponsored by: MCCi

Location: San Gabriel Room


Williamson County processes approximately 20,000 judicial cases annually. The digital evidence associated with these files could average 240TB. These cases are generated from 40 plus outside Law Enforcement Agencies. The biggest gap in the Evidence Live Cycle is the LEA collection and submittal of evidence for processing their cases. Williamson County sought out a web-based solution to integrate with current technology assets and provide a complete Digital Evidence Management System. The County was able to leverage their existing Laserfiche system by expanding it across the Enterprise and providing access to the LEA’s. This was able to automate their workflow processes to gather evidence and provide a secure method of viewing. Williamson County will highlight the success and show some examples of the process they went through as well as the results during this Solution Showcase with MCCi.

Where’s the Easy Button for Data Protection?

Sponsored by: Freeit Data Solutions/ Rubrik

Location: San Miguel Room

Brian Jones - Solutions Engineer, Freeit Data Solutions
Jody Cook - Account Executive, Rubrik
Brian McCarthy Sr. - Partner Account Manager, Greencloud Technologies


IT automation has greatly improved the pace of IT deployments and allowed administrators to manage larger and larger infrastructures. But data protection infrastructure hasn't kept pace with the rest of the IT landscape. Many organizations struggle to deploy and manage complex backup and recovery suites. Join Freeit Data Solutions and discover two new solutions that make data protection easy for both small and large enterprises.

Business Process Optimization

Sponsored by: Reduxio

Location: San Augustine Room


Reduxio, “It’s About Time” - is a business process Optimization software that sits in iSCSI storage. It significantly shortens down time when a company is compromised or is disabled. Business Leaders and IT Infrastructure Professionals now have the “Undo Button” for the bad and ugly things that happen in your enterprise data center. What takes you hours and days today, will take only minutes and seconds with Reduxio. Reduxio is a primary storage array powered by our proprietary TimeOS™ that accomplishes this without taking a single snapshot. Reduxio protects your data every second. Finally, a storage solution whose data services deliver your data, where, and *when* it is needed. We don't download an entire movie including credits to start watching it anymore... Why should you do this with your enterprise data... you don't have to; use a Reduxio.

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