2015 Award Recipients
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TAGITM Members Earn Annual Statewide Technology Awards

The Texas Association of Governmental Information Technology Managers, TAGITM, is an information system's professional organization that provides a forum for generating ideas, sharing problems, and developing solutions. The association's main objective is to enable cities, counties, schools and appraisal districts within Texas to realize the full potential of automation benefits. The association currently has over 200 cities, counties, appraisal districts and school districts as part of their membership program.

During the TAGITM Annual Conference in April 2015, the association recognized the following individuals and projects (PHOTOS):  

TAGITM President's Award

Sharlett Chowning
City of Midland
Read the press release associated with her recognition.

TAGITM Rick Moore Award

Caren Skipworth
Read the press release associated with her recognition.

TAGITM Rising Star Award

James Lewis
City of Rosenberg

TAGITM Excellence Awards

City of Schertz
BudgetCents Simulator

BudgetCents Simulator is a mobile responsive online game that was developed in-house by the City of Schertz. The online game is built exclusively on open-sourced technologies so the project did not have any external expenses. The technologies used include AngularJS framework, Bootstrap framework, Flatly bootstrap theme, HTML5, CSS, ChartJS, Angular-ChartJS, ngDialog angular directive plugin, and in-house designed graphics.  The Game The BudgetCents Simulator first requests the gamer to choose a model for the City. The choice is based on what the gamer thinks a city should emphasis: Core Services, Economic Engine, Quality of Life, or a balanced approach. The gamer's choice will later affect the revenue growth rate for the BudgetCents City.  Second, the gamer is tasked with selecting “Stuff” to include in the BudgetCents City's 5-year-plan. For simplicity, each “Stuff” has the same cost of 15 zbucks. Then, the gamer is tasked with reaching the city's staffing goals and funding the selected “Stuff.” The gamer may or may not be able to reach the goals based on the choices that were made.  Lastly, the gamer can review how they did on the summary page, and can play the game again and leave feedback.  

City of Cedar Park
Automated Fire Station Alerting

US Digital Designs designed, installed, and configured the automated fire station alerting system. The hardware for this system consists of two voice gateway servers, one 800 MHz radio interface at our Police Department. The Fire Station side consists of a station controller, halo alert lighting, message board, and count up timers. Emergency call takers now have the ability to remain focused on the caller providing uninterrupted directions while the automated toning system alerts the fire crew. As a result of this system Cedar Park has been able to cut response times in half.

City of Boerne
Regional Public Safety Data Exchange and Communication

City of Boerne and City of Fair Oaks Ranch were using the same software vendor for records management and Kendall County was looking for a new records management system. When Kendall County decided to go with the same vendor as Boerne and Fair Oaks Ranch it was decided that we would place all databases on the same server in the City of Boerne dispatch center in order to better share data and also be able to communicate more effectively, and server would be taken care of by Boerne IT.   In doing this all entities also implemented software for mobile computer aided dispatch and mobile records management.   Again each entity decided that the server to be used for the mobile communications would be housed at Boerne Dispatch Center and taken care of by Boerne IT. As we were implementing the mobile software for patrol and investigations, we found many ways to save money.     1.) We went with Ipads instead of Toughbooks for a cost savings in hardware.  2.) We now had officers completing reports in the field saving from them having to return to the PD to write reports.   3.) Cost of server hardware was split 3-ways instead of Boerne paying total cost of new servers and infrastructure.  4.) Combining and sharing data and communications we noticed a rise in warrant clearing. Where Boerne would place warrants out on unpaid tickets and only Boerne had the warrant information. Now all entities have each other's info for warrants increasing the grasp to the entire county. Boerne also dispatches for Kendall County EMS and 6 volunteer fire departments. (Comfort, Waring, Bergheim, Sisterdale, Alamo Springs & Kendalia) Being a rural community, the fire and EMS pagers don't work consistently. Also being the fire departments are volunteer it is somewhat hard to gauge who is going to show up and how soon trucks should roll from the station or wait for man power. With the new dispatching software we were able to implement a program called active 911. When a dispatcher takes a call and begins the call sheet depending on what type of call the system is will send out an email to the department that needs to respond automatically. The email then activates each person assigned to the various departments via their cell phone and is interactive letting them send back communication if they are going to respond to the call. The active 911 software also places the call on a map on each device along with the situation. The dispatcher still pages out the call so everyone responding is aware, but the active 911 being automatically tied to the CAD system enhances communication by letting each of the departments who will be showing up and in turn rolls trucks and ambulances out faster.