2010 Award Recipients
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The Texas Association of Governmental Information Technology Managers, TAGITM, is an information system's professional organization that provides a forum for generating ideas, sharing problems, and developing solutions. The association's main objective is to enable cities, counties, schools and appraisal districts within Texas to realize the full potential of automation benefits. The association currently has over 200 cities, counties, appraisal districts and school districts as part of their membership program.

During the 2010 annual conference in April 2010, the association selected three organizations to receive the coveted TAGITM Excellence Award.TAGITM chose to recognize an outstanding website with the Innovative WebsiteAward. Finalists were chosen based on not only design, but how well they used this technology to serve and communicate with their audience.

2010 TAGITM Excellence Award Recipients
Collin County, Technology Eases Overtime & Jail Population Project
City of Plano, On-line Check Register/Transparency HUB Project
City of Frisco and the Frisco Independent School District: SAFER- Situational Awareness for Emergency Response Project

2010 TAGITM Innovative Website Award Recipient
City of College Station

Collin County: Technology Eases Overtime &Jail Population Project

Collin County has been one of the fastest growing counties in the nation in the past 8 years.With an increase of over 250,000 new residents since the 2000 census and current population of 730,690 This strain has never felt more than in the area of our jail population, with an increase in the court dockets for both the state district and justice of the peace courts.Additionally, the security and cost of transporting prisoners from our jail to the court facilities has grown each year, with a higher volume of inmates being brought over for various Court proceedings. In August 2007 we provide a technology solution for video pleas and arraignments for court proceedings.By December 2007 we completed our first video jail plea that allowed our judge to process ten inmate pleas in less than forty five minutes compared to the four to six hours it takes just to transport one prisoner to and from the jail for the court proceeding.We expanded this to the Justice of the Peace courts for video arraignment completed in March 2009.We have experienced cost saving averaging $1,200 a month with a total annual cost savings of $14,400.00.We successfully completed this for less than $1,000 dollars per courtroom.Link to Video of project - http://www.tandberg.com/video-conferencing-case-studies/tandberg-customer-awards.jsp

City of Plano: On-line Check Register/Transparency HUB Project

The City of Plano has committed to the philosophy of transparency in government by providing a searchable database of financial information on the City of Plano s website.This journey into transparency allows a citizen to view financial information from the accounts payable, payroll, and risk management systems starting with FY2009-10 data.Citizens may initiate searches based upon date ranges and data sources.The ability to download the information in an Excel spreadsheet also allows the citizens to gather and manipulate information as they desire.Through this transparency hub, the City of Plano is providing alternative avenues for citizens to monitor, measure, and interact with the elected officials and staff members regarding financial decisions that affect the city and its associated budget.This hub will be the starting point for an open government portal that will enable citizen insight into local government decision making processes as more data sets are available for public use.The link to this website is http://plano.gov/Departments/Finance/Pages/CheckRegister.aspx and additional information regarding use of this website is located on the page.

City of Frisco and the Frisco Independent School District: SAFER- Situational Awareness for Emergency Response Project

Project SAFER is a unique collection of systems that provides City of Frisco (COF) Fire, Police and Emergency Medical responders with immediate live access to essential information to enable a more prepared response to emergencies in the Frisco Independent School District (FISD) facilities.Examples of this information include detailed geo-referenced building floor plans with zoom functionality, live video feeds from over 1500 cameras, still photos, pre-planned response info, hazardous material inventory, aerial maps, Pictometry, up to date contacts, dispatch call information and Automated Vehicle Location (AVL) of other emergency response vehicles.First responders access this information on a real time basis using the Mobile Data Computers (MDC s) in their vehicles.Using their touch screen MDC s a first responder (Police or Fire) can draw and create incident information such as evacuation area or road blocks on their screen which is instantly visible to all responders.Emergency management and administration can access the same information via secured web sites created specifically for SAFER.FISD administration also has access to the same information via secured websites created specifically for them.The information requirements were co-developed by the Frisco Independent School District team, and City Fire, Police, and Information Technology Departments. The SAFER system also enhances communication by providing all parties involved in an emergency response a common platform to see relevant details from any location in the city or anywhere one has access to the internet.The SAFER program and system has indeed made the schools safer by introducing new standards for planning and communication and provides a starting point for the City of Frisco to collect and maintain similar information for commercial properties throughout Frisco.  We have seen nothing like it anywhere in the country and believe it is a unique collection of systems development, integration and processes for the benefit of students and citizens.The sustained collaboration of the Frisco Independent School District and multiple City of Frisco departments is also unique.

City of College Station: Innovative Website Award

The site features much improved navigation. The overall site layout was developed by city staff working with Vision Internet, and then refined through citizen input during a "soft launch" period.Additionally, the website uses Google provided search capabilities to aid users in finding the information they want Language translation is available at the click of a button from the Home Page.The Home Page also provides a rotating screen of recent events and photos of interest to the community. Additional detail is only a click away.