May 2013

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There will be a Regional NOREX roundtable in Houston on Wednesday, October 2nd, from 8:30am - 4:00pm. TAGITM members are welcome to attend this event. For more information contact Susan Westerholm at or call (952) 447-8898.

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. "
-John Quincy Adams

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2013 Conference Highlights

The 35th Annual TAGITM Education Conference was a big success. Over 200 members attended the conference in beautiful South Padre Island. This year’s conference started with the NOREX led roundtable on Monday, April 22nd. The roundtable was well attended and featured discussion on topics and issues identified by the membership as the most important issues facing their organizations. (See side panel for Regional NOREX information)

There were three keynote addresses that provided insight on topics that are being faced by most IT organizations today. First, Mark Milliron, PhD, Chancellor, Western Governors University, Texas, kicked off the conference on Tuesday morning with a keynote on, "How to Challenge the Various Generations of IT Professionals”. On Wednesday, Dr Shannon Tufts, Director, Center for Public Technology, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, presented an engaging session based on Jim Collins book, "Great by Choice”. Finally, on Thursday morning Phil Baughn, Gartner Executive Director and former CIO of the Commonwealth of Kentucky presented on the "Government Hype Cycle and the Future of the CIO”.

The Awards Luncheon on Tuesday included presentation of the Technology Excellence Awards and the inaugural presentation of the Rising Star Award. Award recipients are:

Excellence Awards
Longview - City of Longview CitySend Citizen Reporting Application and Work Order Integration
Round Rock - Round Rock CityView
Bell County - Automation between City Police Departments and County/District Attorney Offices

Rising Star Award
College Station – Erin Provazek

Elections for this year included Officer Elections and voting on proposed ByLaw changes. The ByLaw change was driven by TAGITM’s approval as the 21st Affiliate of the Texas Municipal League (TML) in October of last year. This change necessitated the need to add language to our bylaws addressing the selection of a TAGITM representative to the TML Board of Directors. The proposed ByLaw change passed overwhelmingly with over 98% of the voting members approving the change.

Officer Elections for the 2013-2014 year were concluded at the Business Meeting. New Officers are:

President - Tim Howell (Georgetown)
Vice President - Tony Tull (Granbury)
Secretary/Treasurer - Ben Roper (College Station)

Organization in The Spotlight

Organization Name: City of San Marcos

Number of IT Workers in the Organization: 11-15

Significant Technology Achievements: The City of San Marcos invested in Virtual Desktop Integration (VDI) in 2010 to address the following issues:

• Hardware replacement cost; the City replaces one fifth of its desktops every year, which roughly numbers110
• Reduce support calls; received over 500 per month;
• Deployment ease, upgrade ease, and the technology fits nicely into our disaster recovery model.

Plans for Future Technology Initiatives: The City is working on a Parking Master Plan. With the implementation of technology; the City will be able to utilize technology to manage downtown parking and special event parking. Parking Management technology has the following features:
• visitors or customers download an app to their smart phone to display parking locations and availability;
• if the customer is required to pay for parking the technology alerts the customer when time is expiring and the customer can make a payment using their smart phone;
• if the customer parks in a two hour parking zone, it will alert the customer when their meter time is about to expire,
• if the customer does not move the technology will alert parking enforcement offices of the violation,
• the technology supports dynamic parking rates.

Most Challenging Project: The most challenge project has been moving IT from a small department to a large department. The team adopted the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) standards as the methodology to be followed. Based on the ITIL methodology came a new departmental organizational structure dividing one team into multiple teams, implemented a help desk solution, which limited internal customers from calling a favorite person, implemented a Project Management methodology, set project standards in place to follow on each IT project; look at enterprise solutions instead of silo solutions; development of policies, procedures, purchasing standards, and service level agreements; formation of IT Governance committee, defined the roles and responsibilities of IT in the organization; and the re-establishment of customer trust. We have just scratched the surface, but the change has been beneficial.

Most Rewarding Project: The most rewarding project was partnering with Texas State to connect our networks together. Texas State reached out to the City to move their emergency management office off campus during large scale events. Texas State extend edits network to a city Fire Station north of town, which met Texas State needs for easy access, space requirement, and technology requirement. With this connection Texas State was able to extended their VoIP network, monitor their security system and access to their data center. Also, this connection allows both entities to extend either network to any facility on each other’s network in case personnel have to be relocated due to an emergency or damage to the facility.

What is Most Valuable About Being a TAGITM Member: Contacting fellow members for information, advice and product recommendations.


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