February 2015

2015 Annual Conference

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2015 Conference
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"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."
-John Quincy Adams 

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In this Issue

President's Letter

Fellow Members,

First my apologies for the long time since my last communication with all of you. I would like to thank everyone that participated in the survey, both agencies and affiliates. The information was very valuable. The Board met in Corpus Christi, the location of our next conference, and reviewed all of the options we have there, and I for one am very excited and looking forward to that event.

We went over the survey results, and I believe we have listened to your input and come up with a list of goals, both short term and long term, and have been working on those since our meeting in Corpus. We met this last week and finalized some actions that will lead us even further towards those goals.

You will soon be seeing a change to our listserv platform. This change will bring you a much more reliable and functional listserv, which was one of the items in the survey that was rated highly by you as a value add of your membership.

One of the items we discussed in Corpus was the website. The Board finalized last week what we were going to do to get us where we need to be with a new website. Phyllis Wolfe, chairperson of the Communications Committee, and her members, will be working with the website team from YM, the website design firm, and CMP to get the new design up and ready for unveiling at the conference.

The Vendor Affiliate committee has been unparalleled in their efforts in not only retaining our existing vendors but bringing others back and new ones on board, while the Membership committee is working on a strategy for gaining larger City/County members.

Our Education and Conference committees have both done an outstanding job of coming up with stellar educational opportunities and outstanding entertainment events for the conference. It will be a conference to remember. 

The theme for this year’s conference is “Charting the Course”, and just like the old mariners using a cross staff to “Shoot the Stars”, I think TAGITM is doing that as well. With all that we have accomplished and will continue to accomplish this year I am excited and proud to be your President and be a part the TAGITM organization as we chart our course to be bigger and better than ever.

Most Respectfully Yours,
Tony Tull CGCIO
TAGITM President

Charting the Course - Conference Details from your Conference Committee Chair

Are you ready to Chart your Course to Corpus Christi Texas for the 2015 TAGITM Annual Conference?  I hope each of you are able to make it to the conference this year as we will be offering some great educational opportunities and some oldies but goodies as far as conference entertainment goes. I was honored when asked to chair the Conference Committee this year and am excited about the education opportunities being presented and the opportunity to relax your mind and network during some fun evening activities.

We will start off the week bright and early on Tuesday morning with a fishing tournament hosted by Port “A” Bay Charters.  I don’t know about any of you, but I love the smell of a two stroke engine at 6 am in the morning!  This year we will offer early registration for the fishing tournament Monday evening in addition to the registration Tuesday morning before leaving for Port Aransas.  We encourage you to take advantage of the early registration so you simply have to get up Tuesday, grab breakfast and board the bus for the trip to Port Aransas.  For those that would like to take advantage of the opportunity, bus transportation will be provided for the approximate 30 minute trip to the pier from the hotel.    We will fish from daylight to approximately 11:00am then convene for lunch and trade fish tales provided by our tournament sponsor.  We should arrive back at the hotel in time for the afternoon educational opportunity.

The beach inspired Presidents reception will be held Tuesday evening at the Omni Bayfront allowing you an excellent opportunity to reconnect with some of your colleagues that you possibly only see at the conference each year or meet someone new.  Grab a refreshing beverage and a dinner then either retire for the evening or join us in the hospitality suite. 

Wednesday and Thursday will be filled with valuable educational opportunities and time to explore the exhibit hall for new technical offerings.  Please take the chance to thank all our business partners for supporting  the conference, as you know, without them we would not be able to have an affordable,  successful event.  As a side note, everyone is “on their own” for dinner Wednesday evening.  Thursday evening you can enjoy dinner beginning at 7:00 p.m. followed by a Casino Night and dancing to get the fun going!  Casino Night is an event that has been a popular conference activity and allows attendees to network and watch the fun or hit the tables with that Monopoly money that the sponsors and exhibitors always seem to have in abundance if you run short.  What exactly does that tell you about our business partners?  Maybe too many conferences in Vegas perhaps??  Ah, but I digress, the fun filled evening of gambling and dancing will wrap up around 10:00 p.m. but you never know – from what I hear if the DJ is in a good mood – the dancing could keep going and going!
As we wrap the week up on Friday morning, there will be an informative and energetic session by everyone’s favorite Shannon Tufts followed by the TAGITM Business Meeting and then back to our respective jobs ready to conquer the issues that await us with a newly gained perspective from our peers.  As for me, I will be making the trip to Cedar Creek reservoir for my last opportunity to prepare for my next Bass Tournament then back to the grind that pays the bills on Monday.

I’m looking forward to seeing each of you at the conference!! Detailed conference agenda and registration information is available on the TAGITM website. 

Sid Hudson, City of Allen
TAGITM Conference Committee Chair

Charting the Course - Education Committee Update

It’s time to get ready to energize, educate, and chart the technology course for you and your agency.   The Education Committee has met and the TAGITM “Charting the Course” agenda has been set.  We will host three tracks, Strategic, Tactical, and General all based on the input received on the survey responses on what is important to you and your agency.  The Round Table General Session has always been a favorite of TAGITM Conference attendees.  Mike Sturm, Director of Technology for the City of San Marcos, has agreed to moderate the Round Table again this year.  To insure that we are fulfilling the topics of discussion that are pertinent to your shops, we have added a new spin. An e-mail will be sent to all registrants the week prior to the conference.  Round Table topics will be based on your input so be sure to respond.   

Each day we will start out with an awe-inspiring general session.  Day One – Manley Feinberg, will motivate and challenge you to Chart your Course.  Check out his special video message to our membership. Day Two – Jon Ford from the FBI will put you on the edge of your seat discussing security, threats, and resources available to all of us.  Day Three – Shannon Tufts, CGCIO Program, will discuss insight into Agreement Hazards in Cloud Services agreement and what to look out for. In addition we will have an afternoon General Session on the Technology Workforce, how to attract and retain. For the second year, we will have Strategic, Tactical and General Tracks. For more information, the Sessions-at-a-Glance and Session Abstracts are available online. 

Whatever role you are in at your agency, whether it is management, network administration, hardware or software support, there will be an educational opportunity for you.  Look forward to seeing you at the TAGITM Charting the Course Conference. Additional conference agenda and registration information is available on the TAGITM website. 

Sharon Camarillo, Hill County
TAGITM Education Chair

Membership Update


Allow me to introduce myself – I’m Tim Nolan your new TAGITM Membership Chair.  I am continuing Keith Macedo’s term.  I’ve worked for Collin County IT since 1992.  I believe that TAGITM is an incredible organization and has much to provide its membership.  I will do my best to maintain and increase our association during my time as Membership Chair.

TAGITM launched an outreach program a couple of years ago to bring members, potential members and vendors together.  The goal is to develop regional user groups to expand membership and improve collaboration with existing members.  

Our current regional member groups can be found on the TAGITM website.  They general surround major metro areas.  We have five (5) groups in DFW, two (2) in Houston and one in South Austin, Central Texas (Temple), North San Antonio and East Texas.  The forum and venue vary among locations, but commonly they meet at a central location for a luncheon.  Twelve (12) members per luncheon is usually the limit to have an effective conversation.  Some meetings are formal with agendas and actions items while others are simply topical discussions.  It is important to remember that you can learn from your colleagues.  Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in starting a regional user group in your area.

I have another objective to increase membership by enlisting large cities and counties to our fine group.  Most of our regional user groups are around these metropolitan areas yet these cities and counties are not TAGITM members.  Cities like Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin and El Paso can contribute to our group and they can certainly learn from us and each other.  Big counties like Harris, Bexar and El Paso can share their experiences with vendors, processes and issues.  I believe that these large cities and counties can benefit from TAGITM’s approach to collaboration and education.  I encourage our regional group chairs to reach out to their big city/county neighbors and invite them to your next meeting so that they get a taste of what TAGITM has to offer.

Tim Nolan
TAGITM Membership Chair

ListServ Update and Website Renovation - TAGITM Communications Committee

Listserv Update! According to our surveys, the most valuable tool we provide our Agency members has been the email listserv. In recent years, we have been asked if we could upgrade it for an even better resource. Your Board of Directors approved the change, and now the listserv will be a web-based searchable archived platform.  We hope this change brings a new level of collaboration and peer support to our membership. You can join the new listserv by sending an email to: TAGITM-request@LISTSERV.TAGITM.ORG

Website Renovation - Not just an update of the current site, the communications committee is working on a renovation, bringing new value to our website. The goal is to have a fully mobile, user friendly, relevant website for the membership, prospective members and visitors.

Texas Association of Governmental Information Technology Managers
P. O. Box 200363, Austin, Texas 78720