October 2011    

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TAGITM Conference
May 22-25, 2012
San Antonio Riverwalk

Plan now to attend the next TAGITM conference in beautiful San Antonio! Great speakers are planned for discussion on topics such as technology leadership, CJIS policy, mobility, and many more. Don't miss this opportunity to network with peers from cities and counties across the state. Check the website for more information that is coming soon!

"Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."
- Harold R. McAlindon

Forums 101

The TAGITM website has new features that support inter-agency collaborations.
Listserv and Forums are separate tools with unique benefits. Let's look at forums.
The forum discussion groups allow members to subscribe and comment to only those topics of their interest. This reduces the number of listserv emails, while retaining valuable and historical information that is accessed by topic. Consider the value that could be built in forums such as Emergency Management or Law Enforcement Technology by inviting and connecting your coworkers with their industry peers across the state. Seeing what others are asking, doing and thinking about technology issues can work to help everyone.
A TAGITM agency membership entitles you to enroll as many coworkers as desired with no additional cost! Enroll them today so they can begin to use forums to build a coalition of folks who both seek and provide answers to their peers.
Check out the existing initial forums and make suggestions for new forum topics.Find the Forum Link tab under the TAGITM banner on the main page. Subscription options are instant updates or digest notification. Log in and check out the forums out today!

Membership Renewal - New System, New Process!One to Many

With the transition to the new TAGITM Website, the membership renewal process will be a bit different, but in a good way! In the past, everyone in your agency/organization needed to go on-line and update their profile to "renew” their membership. This was in addition to the steps you took to renew the agency/organization membership. Now, only the main representative for your agency/organization needs to renew and everyone else is renewed automatically! How's that for streamlined?

If you are the agency/organization Voting Representative, you should have received login credentials for your agency/organization in May when the website was converted. If not, you may send an email to info@tagitm.org and we will email you the login information. Once you have those, you will login as your agency/organization and click on the link to "Manage Profile. In the "manage profile" window, scroll all the way to the bottom and you will see an icon titled "Membership". Click on "Membership" and you will see that your membership is valid thru 12.31.2011 and there will be a link to "Securely renew your membership now". Click there and the system will walk you through the process. You will be able to pay by credit card or to be invoiced. You will receive a link to a printable invoice/receipt one the process is complete.

That's it! Simple, easy, & secure. And, no one else in your agency/organization has to do anything except continue to make full use of the great features on the TAGITM Website and Listserv.

We know that it can sometimes take a bit to get paperwork processed for membership renewals so if you see that your membership renewal will not be processed by 12.31.2011, but you want to continue your membership, then contact us at info@tagitm.org and we will work with you to ensure you TAGITM benefits continue. membership not renewed by 12.31.2011 will have access removed.  

We hope you'll find the new process simple, easy and efficient and if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us, we're happy to assist! Here's to another great year with TAGITM!

Share The Knowledge By Sharing Your Documents

It has been repeatedly stated that the talent and information possessed by the TAGITM members is tremendous. Have you considered adding to this treasure trove of knowledge and helping out your peers at the same time? You can do this with a few simple mouse clicks on the new website.

We have a specific area dedicated to sharing information, documents and best practices among members. To upload to this information base, simply log onto the site and click on the "TAGITM Member Resources” section of the ribbon bar under the title section. The drop down box then offers the following options:

    • RFPs, SOWs and other Proc
    • Policies and Procedures
    • Best Practices
    • Job Descriptions

Simply click the appropriate title above, which takes you to a listing of the documents currently available in that section. To add your document(s), click the "Add a File” link on the right end of the Title Bar (black highlighted ribbon). Then fill in the blanks to give your document a name and provide a brief description. Do not forget to check the box asking if you agree to the Upload Agreement (we have to keep the lawyers happy). Then hit the "Submit” button and WALLA!! You are now published, with all the privileges and bragging rights that accompany this significant achievement, not to mention the undying gratitude of your fellow TAG members for the hours of work you just saved them.

CJIS 5.0 Security Policy - Help Is Only A Click Away

Most of the time when we hear CJIS and the words security or audit in the same sentence, we cringe, and rightfully so. The demands of security compliance can be confusing and burdensome for many organizations. However, we now have a new security policy to contend with. The Criminal Justice Information System Security Policy 5.0 is loaded with security requirements that must be adopted by our law enforcement agencies so they can continue doing business with the State's criminal justice information systems. Ultimately, these requirements become IT's responsibility as we plan the implementation and enforcement that is expected.

Alan Ferretti, DPS Information Security Officer, has heard our cries of frustration and is trying to help. Recently, he has visited several agencies across Texas to conduct on-site education sessions about the new policy. In addition to these meetings, the CJIS Security Review website contains valuable information to assist us in understanding compliance requirements. There is one document in particular that you may find very helpful. The Requirements and Translation List summarizes the 505, yes, that is 505, ‘shall' statements in the new CJIS 5.0 policy. "Shall” meaning, we must. The table format of the list helps make clear exactly what is expected from us and it includes references to the specific section of the policy that requires action. As an additional aide, the new policy was written in a way that emphasizes a logical organization of the subject matter and includes decision flow charts and diagram examples, all of which will make our jobs easier.

While many changes are not effective until September 2013, the hope is that agencies will begin working now on compliance by using the Requirements and Translation List and the website as drivers for justification of policy changes and/or hardware and software purchases.

Here are some helpful links to get you started in your CJIS 5.0 compliance roadtrip!

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