Website and Listserv Frequently Asked Questions
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Click here for a printable version of the FAQs.

How do I login to the website?

On the TAGITM Home Page,, there is a link in the right hand column titled "Sign In”. Simply enter your Username and Password.

What is the difference between the Forums and the Listserv?

The TAGITM Member Forums and Listserv provide mechanisms for members to share experiences, questions and other pertinent information with TAGITM members. The forums can be accessed by clicking on the navigation link "TAGITM Member Resources – Forums”. The listserv sends emails to members when a member sends an email to TAGITM@LISTSERV.TAGITM.ORG.

The main difference between the forum and the listserv is that responses to the forums are done through the TAGTIM website and responses to the listserv are sent by responding to the listserv email.

How do I post to the Listserv?

Members may post to the Listserv by sending an email to TAGITM@LISTSERV.TAGITM.ORG. When a member is replying to a post the same email address is used.

Read the TAGITM ListServ Guidelines.

How do I add representatives from my Agency to the Listserv?

To add a representative from your agency to the Listserv, send the person's name and email address to TAGITM will send that person an invitation to establish a membership profile as an Agency Representative if they are not one already. Once the profile has been established, TAGITM will add the person to the TAGITM Listserv. The representative will receive an email confirming their profile has been established and also an emailing announcing they have been added to the Listserv. If they do not receive both of these emails within 2 business days, they should contact TAGITM at

How do I renew my Membership?

Membership is renewed yearly. An automated email will be sent to each organization when the renewal period begins. This email will contain a link to renew the membership. At any time members can review their membership status by clicking on the "Manage Profile” link located on the right-hand side of the Home Page once you have logged in to the website using the agency login credentials. You would then click on Membership under the Invoicing, Payments & History heading to see the current membership status for the company. 

How do I connect my Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter Accounts?

The links for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Hootsuite are located on all TAGITM web pages. If you would like to share the content from a webpage onto one of your social media accounts, you can simply select the icon for which platform you want and it will ask you to login and then you can post to your feed. 

How do I post a document to the Digital Library?

Posting a document to the Digital Library is a snap! Click on the specific area where you would like to post a document, Policies and Procedures, Best Practices and the others. Click on the "Add a File” link and follow the simple instructions.

If I'm having a problem on the website how to I get help?

Any problems on the website may be reported via email to Questions, problems or other requests for assistance may be reported by clicking on the "Contact Us” link which is located near the bottom of the TAGITM Home Page or in navigation bar at the top of all other pages on the TAGITM website.

How do I update my profile?

Membership profiles may be updated by clicking on the "My Profile” or "Manage Profile" link on the TAGITM pages.

What is a Voting Representative?

A Voting Representative is the employee of the Agency who will vote on TAGITM matters such as Office Elections or Bylaws modifications. This person will receive ballots and any other pertinent information related to these matters.

Does one membership cover all employees of an Agency or Affiliate group?

The TAGITM Membership is an organizational membership so any employees of an Agency or an Affiliate may join under the membership category Agency Representative or Affiliate Representative at no additional cost to the organization.

Can I post my company's events to the Community Calendar?

At this time only TAGITM events will be featured on the TAGITM website. The Website Committee in conjunction with the TAGTIM Board of Directors is evaluating making this feature available for Agency and Company events.

Can I post job openings to the Career Center?

Yes. By clicking on the Career Center link, Members have access to a variety of features including posting a job opening, searching job opening, etc.

We hope you enjoy networking with fellow TAGITM Members using the TAGITM Website. Suggestions for additional FAQs, website changes or other feedback can be submitted using the Contact Us link noted above or by emailing TAGITM at Thank you.

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